Fatty Acids

You Should Know: The Fatty Acids

Milwaukee’s “scramble-pop” group The Fatty Acids just released their first album in four years, “Dogs of Entertainment.”

Radio Milwaukee (88.9fm) had a chat with front man Josh Evert on growing up with music, opening for Weird Al and more.

Do you remember when you first started making music of your own?

Yes, I do remember that. Some of my very first childhood memories are messing around with tape recorders. I’ve always been inherently obsessed with recording. I would make tapes of me as different Star Wars characters when I was a kid. At some point, my brother and I had a 90’s Yamaha synthesizer and you could do multi-track recording on it. My brother showed me how to do that. That was a game changer. At some point digital recording was introduced. Some of my very first music projects were with a friend who quote unquote “rapped.” Very early middle school years; I would do beats on this 90’s Yamaha and he would rap over it.

I was always drawn to pianists I thought were cool; I learned a lot of Ben Folds songs.  I tried learning some Elton John, that didn’t go well, he’s too good.

Do you remember the first album you bought?

The first tape that was bought for me that I requested was the soundtrack to Free Willy. I wanted it for the Michael Jackson song, “Will You Be There.” The first thing I bought on my own was probably Weird Al.

And then you went on to open for him! What was that like?

Um, not too good. When we opened for the Flaming Lips the band went out of their way to talk to us. Wayne Coyne hung out in our dressing room, making fun of our sweatpants… Weird Al was 100% not around. He was evading all fans. They kicked us out during his performance so it was a bummer, but what are you gonna do? I will say, he probably has the weirdest hardcore fans ever. I don’t really blame him for not wanting to be around them.

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