Wisconsin’s First Dog Ice Cream Bar Is Coming to Milwaukee

Salty Paws will start scooping on March 18.

SALTY PAWS, a new dog ice cream bar and bakery – the first in Wisconsin – is opening in the Third Ward on March 18. 

When Linda Smith, owner and operator of Salty Paws, adopted her now two year old puppy Coconut, she had no idea they’d be introduced to a whole new side of Milwaukee. With Coconut, she’s participated in dog meetup groups and events around the city. 

“It’s been really enriching for my life as much as hers,” she says. “It’s just been so fun to make new friends and really feel such a sense of community and love.”



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After working remotely through the pandemic with Coconut at her side, Smith decided to open Salty Paws, where she’ll get to spend every day with dogs and provide them with sweet treats. The ice cream bar is one of several Salty Paws franchise locations popping up nationwide after the original Salty Paws, which opened in Delaware in 2018, became the first ice cream shop and bakery for dogs in the country. 

Salty Paws will offer at least 12 rotating ice cream flavors including cheddar cheese, bacon and peanut butter served in a waffle cone, doggie dish or to-go cup. All ice cream will be dog-safe and made with either lactose free or goat milk, limited ingredients and zero sugar. 

The shop is located on Jefferson and Corcoran, around the corner from Riley’s Social House, a business that Smith looks forward to collaborating with.

“I feel like the possibilities are almost endless,” she says. “We will have space to do birthday parties, breed meetups, ice cream socials – we plan to have a lot of events”

While treats for humans are currently unavailable, customers are welcome to bring in their own ice cream and enjoy it with their dog.

“Dogs have such a short little life,” says Smith. “They bring so much joy – I just think we need to celebrate them every day.”