Why You Might Be Seeing Christmas Decorations Scattered Around Milwaukee

Christmas lights are meant to be a symbol of hope during this global health crisis.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and not just because it snowed last night in Milwaukee. 

People around the country have been putting up their Christmas decorations as a sign of hope during a time of fear. The idea is to shine some light in the darkness, while also providing a safe activity to participate in during social distancing. I mean, what’s more fun than driving around your neighborhood looking for Christmas lights? 

Like most things, the idea started on Twitter: 

It took off from there. You can find Christmas lights in cities around the country. 

To investigate the success of this trend locally, I took a drive around Milwaukee this weekend. I toured around the Third Ward, Bay View and a couple of other neighborhoods. While I didn’t find a concentrated block of Christmas lights to recommend, I did see them scattered throughout the city. 

It’s a fun activity, and definitely socially distant. Treat it like a scavenger hunt and you might stumble upon some Christmas cheer – in March. 



Allison Garcia is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.