Where Do You Like to Walk? 10 Readers Weigh In

MilMag’s social media followers weigh in on the best places for a summertime stroll

➞ I like strolling through Black Cat Alley on the East Side and walking down Kinnickinnic Ave. in Bay View. There is always something interesting going on 🙂

➞ We hike. Love the cliffs by the beach in South MKE!!

➞ My mission is to find spots to walk or hike all over the region. One recent discovery was Spirit Lake in Mequon.

➞ When I visit my favorite city, I take my daughter’s dogs from the top of Lake Park and through it, down the hill and back up by Bradford Beach. Tires us all out and beautiful views all along the route!

➞ Walking east on Brady St. at sunrise 🌅🚶‍♀️

➞ Hank Aaron Trail, State Fair to (and around) Miller Park and back at sunset on a game day

➞ We ❤️ walking the RiverWalk downtown. Once complete, it will extend over 3 miles along both sides of the MKE River! #PublicAccess

➞ Lakefront on the Oak Leaf is balm to my soul. Instant mood improvement!

➞ Under the Holton Street Bridge and along the RiverWalk.

➞ Love, love, love walking near the lake from South Shore Park down through Bay View Park into Sheridan or Grant. Amazing natural beauty.

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