What to Expect at the 2022 Milwaukee Film Festival

This year’s festival is screening nearly 300 movies at three local theaters. Here’s a by-the-numbers report of what to expect.

The Milwaukee Film Festival is returning live and in-person this year for the first time since 2020. From April 21-May 5, the festival will be screening films from around the world – and some features made right here in Milwaukee. We heard from the festival planners about the movies they’re screening this year, and they broke it down the numbers for us.

This year, the festival is screening 284 films.

Of those 284, you can see:

· 134 features

· 63 documentary features

· 70 fiction features

Plus one “super secret” feature yet to be revealed. (Is this the sequel to Howard the Duck we’ve all been waiting for?!)

The movies come from 43 total countries, including Japan, Italy, Mexico, Austria and South Africa.

And 48% of the movies were directed by women or non-binary people.

Milwaukee Film isn’t completely abandoning the digital model they used for the past two festivals. This year, they’re going hybrid, which means that while every movie will be screening in theaters, 69 features will be also be available virtually (that’s 52%).



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All short films will also be available virtually, which makes for 87 total virtual programs.

If you only want the virtual offerings, you can buy a “Virtual Only” pass, but note that you’ll be missing 65 cinema-only features. And individual tickets are only available for the in-cinema films.

If you opt for an “All-Access” pass, you’ll get, as you might have guessed, access to all. That means you can check out any of the 275 public, in-person screenings, which will be at three different screening venues: the Oriental Theatre, Avalon Theater and Times Cinema.

There’s also plenty of other programming and guest speakers. The festival is also planning to host around 75 guests from out of town, including filmmakers, cast members, documentary participants and more. That’s on top of the many Milwaukee-area filmmakers who will be involved.



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