What Milwaukee Swifties Are Saying After ‘The Eras Tour’ in Chicago

Taylor Swift was in Chicago for three days, and many Milwaukeeans made the trek down for the concert.

Unless you live under a rock (or have no Swifties in your life, I guess) you probably heard that Taylor Swift was in Chicago last weekend. And Chicago being the closest concert to Milwaukee from her over 50-show tour, many Milwaukeeans made the drive – or dare I say pilgrimage – to see her perform live. 

Before I get too far into this story, I should disclaim that I am quite a Swiftie myself and have been since the young age of 8 years old (if you’re doing that math, yes, I turned 22 when Taylor Swift’s re-recording of the song came out). And being the dedicated Swiftie that I am, I too was at one of the Chicago concerts last weekend. I went with my sister, and we had the best time. 

Photo courtesy of Brianna Schubert


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The concert was an over three-hour-long, theatrical whirlwind of Swift’s discography, covering 44 songs across 10 albums. There were elaborate sets like the folklore house that first appeared at her 2021 Grammy’s performance, intricate costumes that changed with the albums and impressive dance numbers that Swift gave her all to while singing full volume.

And the storytelling didn’t stop at Swift’s famously genius lyricism. She brought the songs to life before our eyes, dancing witch-like in a cloak for “Willow,” crawling across a table and throwing dishes as she sang “Tolerate It,” and donning a massive glittering ball gown to sing “Enchanted.” And the more elaborate performances were balanced with the powerful ballads, during which Swift simply took the stage and sang.

Photo by Brady Jager

As a part of the extensive set list, Swift incorporates two surprise songs every night of the concert, never repeating the same songs, unless she makes a mistake or a song is from her most recent album Midnights. The surprise songs are often ones she hasn’t played live before. 

I was there on night two, Saturday, and for the first surprise song she brought out singer Maren Morris to sing “You All Over Me” together. The song was a part of Swift’s re-recording of Fearless, and Morris was featured on the original track. This was their first time performing the song live together. The second surprise song was a piano version of her 2017 song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.” 

And while I could talk about the concert for the rest of the week (and probably will), here’s what other Milwaukee Swifties have to say about the concerts this weekend: 

“Truly incredible! She’s a legendary artist who is making history!”

– @mariachildswrites

Photo courtesy of Maria Childs

“AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I have never screamed and sang so loud in my life.”

– @katelynannalee

Photo courtesy of Katelyn Stamas

“So amazing! My voice is still gone.”

– @richelle.jansen

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“It was a marvelous time. Taylor was phenomenal and has amazing stage presence!”

– @bradyjager

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“The visuals, the storytelling, the costumes. I wish I could relive the night!”

– @morgankp_

Photo courtesy of Morgan Pankratz

“Once-in-a-lifetime! It felt like thousands of best friends were seeing a concert togther.”

– @joraudrey

Photo courtesy of Jordynn Audrey

“Sunday night was so amazing, so much good energy.”

– @joschulz_

Photo by Brianna Schubert

“It was the best night of my life!”

– @emilyepetersen

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And in case you were wondering, the feelings were mutual for Swift. But don’t take my word for it – here’s her post recapping the weekend: 

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Brianna Schubert is the associate digital editor and writes about art, culture and more at Milwaukee Magazine. When she’s not writing/editing, she’s likely reading (follow her book reviews on Instagram at @read_with_bee), cooking or listening to Taylor Swift.