Sconnie, Wisco or Wisconsin? We Asked, You Answered

We asked: Do you say Wisco, Sconnie, or Wisconsin?


In our March issue, we had a feature called “How-to Wisconsin,” which embraced the quirks, traditions and cultural outputs found in our great state. In it, Milwaukee MagazineExecutive Editor Chris Drosner took a strong stance against Wisconsin’s most popular nicknames: 

WISCONSIN’S LEXICON, unrefined and just fine that way, is being befouled by the insidious creep of a pair of unnatural and undignified terms, and it must stop here, in 2021 (uh, whether you see them on these pages or not). We are from Wisconsin. We are not from Wisco. We are definitely not from Sconnie. If you want to apply the latter to the residents of this state, OK, but know that you’ll be boiling the blood of your Badger State elders. (And yes, I know you’re under 30 or from somewhere else if you drop these in conversation or a social media post.) I know our state doesn’t exactly roll o the tongue. It’s begging for a shorthand. But folks, these ain’t it.



This spicy meatball got people talking, so we  polled our Instagram followers to see how they felt. Here’s what they decided: 



1st Place: Wisconsin

A classic if there ever was one. This name dates all the way back to 1836, when more English speakers began to settle the area. The French called it Ouisconsin, with the Oui forming a sound like a “W.” Wisconsin can’t be beat. It came in with a colossal 77% of the vote. Those who claimed the given name did so with tremendous conviction and spirit.

2nd Place: Wisco

Coming in at just under 15%, apparently people really say Wisco. The name’s origins remain a mystery, whether it was hipsters who were trying to become influencers, or an advertising initiative to sell a “Wisconsin lifestyle.” Those who say this mentioned they mostly write it on social media, or it depends on the audience.

3rd Place: Sconnie

Sconnie came in dead last. With less than 7% of the vote, Sconnie had half of Wisco‘s support.  If you are a Wisconsin native and you say Sconnie …  you do you, but you’re in the minority. 

Honorable Mentions


For when you mean to say Wisconsin, but you’re in a hurry. 


For when your thick Midwestern accent takes the reins.