Video: Yxng Davi and Scam Likely Talk Making Music in Milwaukee 

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This week, Nō Studios interviewed two up-and-coming artists in Milwaukee: Yxng Davi and the band Scam Likely.  

Yxng Davi, who is from Kenosha but now lives in Milwaukee, first started making music when a friend invited him over to make a song. Since then, he’s released multiple singles and an album, Uila and Maple in 2021. He describes his music as a combination of punk, rap and pop.  

“It started as a release, a way to get my feelings out, a way speak without being spoken to,” he says.  

He’s now releasing an album in three parts called Martys To a Gem. The first part came out in September, and the second will in December.  

Scam Likely are a four-piece, Milwaukee-based band made up of guitarist Charlee Grider, lead guitarist Denzel “Ducky” Dondiego, bassist Thierry Diatta and drummer Cary Dean Elger. The name came from Diatta, who was inspired when he saw a call on his cell phone from “Scam Likely.” The band just released a single called “Watch Your Step.”  

“We have a lot of hard-driving, almost like indie-pop-punk riffs and type of sound,” says Grider. “So it’s very fun. You can dance along to it; you can mosh to it. But then the lyrics, if you really listen to the lyricism, it’s heavy and it’s sad. Both are relatable: dancing and trying to escape, and also going through the hard times.” 

See Yxng Davi and Scam Likely both perform live Friday, Nov. 4 at Nō Studios at 7 p.m. For tickets and more information, click here




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