The United Performing Arts Fund launches an arts awareness campaign, and a live podcast created in collaboration with 88Nine, on October 2.

This fall, the United Performing Arts Fund launches a new campaign. The venerable non-profit, now celebrating its 50th anniversary, isn’t raising money, though. It’s raising awareness.

Home Is Where the Art IsThe six-week campaign, “Home is Where the Art Is,” runs October through mid-November and aims to bring Milwaukee-area art lovers together.

How? Through a Gallery Night pop-up appearance, Facebook live events and, maybe most notably, a partnership with the arty audiophiles over at 88Nine: a live podcast hosted by seasoned storyteller Adam Carr. The long-time Milwaukee resident is a bona fide art enthusiast too – in 2013 he created a much-loved public art project with acclaimed painter and man-about-town Reggie Baylor.

“The arts are an important part of Milwaukee’s identity,” Carr says. “We see this podcast as an opportunity to bring new folks working in the arts, and new conversations, a wider audience.” To that end, Carr is inviting local notables working across disciplines to share stories about how the arts influence individuals and shape entire regions.

Each episode runs 30 minutes and ends with a panel discussion. The first, called “Discovering MKE” shines a spotlight on Milwaukee transplants working to give back to the arts community of their adopted city. See it live, at the 88Nine studios (220 E. Pittsburgh Ave.), on Monday, October 2, at 6 p.m.

And don’t miss the other episodes, also being taped live, on October 9, 19 and 30.

To learn more, check out the microsite UPAF created for the campaign.



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