Fortune ranked two Wisconsin companies in the top ten of the country’s “Best Companies to Work For.”

Two Wisconsin companies placed in the top 10 of Fortune’s latest “100 Best Companies to Work For.” Sheboygan-based Acuity Insurance ranked ninth, while Milwaukee’s own investment firm Baird ranked fourth.

Companies are ranked based off of trust employees have toward their leaders, the pride they take in their job and the camaraderie they have with co-workers. Additional criteria are compensation and benefits, training practices and diversity programs.

Baird, which is housed in Milwaukee’s U.S. Bank Center, won the coveted ranking due to integrity and team work, according to Fortune. A whopping 96 percent of employees told Fortune they were proud to tell others they work for Baird, and another 97 percent said they feel good about the way their company contributes to the Milwaukee community.

It’s surprising that Acuity Insurance did not rank ninth solely for the 65-foot Ferris Wheel located at its company’s headquarters; Fortune instead cited “a sense of purpose and responsibility” felt by employees.

Google has taken the sought-after number-one spot for the sixth year running. Look out Google: Wisconsin companies are catching up.



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