Trump’s Wisconsin Approval Rating Is Now at 41 Percent

But Trump does better in the Milwaukee market, at least outside the city

The Marquette University Law School just released its first poll since November’s election, and President Donald Trump is not doing so well.

He’s got a 41 percent job approval rating among those surveyed, while 47 percent disapprove, according to the poll, released Wednesday afternoon. That’s not far from national figures. Trump edged Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin on November 8 by less than a percentage point.

Predictably, Republican poll respondents approved of Trump by a wide margin, 86 to 7 percent, while Democrats were just the opposite, with 5 percent approving and 89 percent disapproving. Among independents it was closer, with 38 percent approving and 44 percent disapproving.

Among the state’s media markets, Trump did best in the Milwaukee market, if you excluded the city of Milwaukee. Outside Milwaukee, 48 percent approved of the job he’s doing and 42 percent disapproved. In the city, though, the rate was 19 percent approval, 63 percent disapproval.

The poll was conducted from March 13 to 16.

In other highlights, respondents were split on how concerned they were about allegations of Russian interference in the election (50 percent very or somewhat concerned, 48 percent not too concerned or not concerned at all). And as for the 2010 health care reform law, 6 percent wanted to keep it as is, 54 percent would keep it and improve it, 28 percent favor repealing and replacing it and 8 percent would repeal it and not replace it.

Interestingly, that law was much more popular if referred to as the Affordable Care Act (51 percent favorable) than as Obamacare (40 percent favorable).



Tom Tolan is managing editor at Milwaukee Magazine, where he's worked since January 2016. He spent 24 years at The Milwaukee Journal and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as a copy editor, assistant metro editor and reporter. He lives in Shorewood.