This Wisconsin Author Investigates ‘Paranormal Hot Spots’

Chad Lewis loves to learn about the unexplained.

CHAD LEWIS IS a Madison-based author who specializes in researching the paranormal and has traveled the world investigating phenomena from vampires to crop circles to hell hounds. We asked him about some of Milwaukee’s eerie occurrences. 

Let’s start with Lake Michigan. I understand it’s a bit of a UFO hot spot?

Many point to a Lake Michigan triangle, similar to the Bermuda Triangle, where all sorts of oddities take place and people see these UFOs. It’s strange because you get your typical UFO sightings, but you also get these weird lights that are seemingly under some intelligent control and appear both in the sky and in the water. People see them moving under the water or in and out of the water as though the water’s not there. No wake, no splash, no ripples. Nothing.



The Pfister Hotel is usually cited as one of Milwaukee’s most notorious haunted locations. Are there any under-the-radar haunted spots?

The Pfister gets all of that attention, but the thing that most people contact me about is the Ambassador Hotel. People are interested because of the macabre. Jeffrey Dahmer spent many nights staying there, and actually took a victim there and killed him after a night of partying. So ever since then, people have seen what appears to be Dahmer himself or a man covered in blood walk through [rooms] and disappear into a wall.

You’ve been all over the globe looking into the unexplainable. Is there anything unique about the stories you hear from Milwaukee?

I think there’s something about being in the Midwest that people feel comfortable coming forward with these stories. I think Milwaukee is unique as well in that it contains a lot of different stories – a combination of paranormal activity, almost like it’s some sort of beacon or paranormal hot spot.


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