This Random Study Ranks Milwaukee Third in Cat Adoptions

According to this data, Milwaukeeans took in a lot of cats in 2020.

A new ranking done by OneVet, a pet care company, tried to determine the “Best U.S. Cities to be a Cat.” The ranking was decided by weighing the number of pet-friendly rentals, veterinarians, cat cafes, pet stores and 2020 cat adoptions.

Milwaukee didn’t make the top ten cat-friendly cities, but since this study mostly seems to be an amalgamation of random cat-related numbers, that’s not a real tragedy. 

The top three cities were Miami, Orlando and Salt Lake City. Frankly, we’re not impressed. You’re telling me cats have a better time in Florida? Doubtful. The three worst cities for cats were New York, Memphis and New Orleans.



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But despite not making the best cities to be a cat list, Milwaukee did make an appearance on what we would argue is the most important sub-ranking – 2020 cat adoptions. Using data from Shelter Animals Count, Milwaukee had the third-most cat adoptions per capita in the nation last year, with 1,012. We were beat out only by Denver (1,342) and Oklahoma City (1,075) for the number one and two spots.

This isn’t a major shock, as we already reporting on soaring pet adoptions across the city last year – and if you want to read more about it, click here.



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