Third Ward’s Hinterland Gastropub Has Closed

The owner says he will concentrate on his flagship Green Bay location, which recently moved to new space across from Lambeau Field.

I am not happy to hear this news: The staff at the Third Ward’s Hinterland (222 E. Erie St., Suite 100) served its last dinner on Tuesday night (Aug. 8). In 2007, owner Bill Tressler opened the Milwaukee arm of the business he founded in 1995. Earlier this year, Tressler moved the Green Bay restaurant and brewery to a more high-profile location across from Lambeau Field.  

Owner Bill Tressler confirmed the news this morning: “It’s been an amazing 10 years, but it’s been a struggle for a while. There’s a ton of market pressure in Milwaukee and it’s hard to compete with that. But [chef] Matt Kerley and the team down there were great. It’s really hard to pull the plug.”

Executive chef Dan Van Rite left in 2016 to open Dandan (360 E. Erie St.), also in the Third Ward, with fellow chef Dan Jacobs. Matt Kerley has led the kitchen since then. 

Hinterland, known for its menu of wood-fire grilled meats and weeknight specials like $5 pho, was most recently featured in Milwaukee Magazine’s August cover story, “Taco Town.”

Tressler acknowledged that the Green Bay enterprise is a “huge responsibility and endeavor. That’s where I need to put my focus.”



Ann Christenson has covered dining for Milwaukee Magazine since 1997. She was raised on a diet of casseroles that started with a pound of ground beef and a can of Campbell's soup. Feel free to share any casserole recipes with her.