An attempted carjacking in broad daylight is stymied by this Milwaukee woman's unconventional reaction.

“So yesterday was super fun….” begins a May 24 Facebook post by Milwaukee resident Melissa Smith, which has since gone viral.

Attached to the post is a video clip taken from a surveillance camera at a Third Ward BP gas station (350 N. Plankinton Ave.) showing an attempted carjacking. In the video, the would-be thieves pull up in front of Smith’s parked car as she finishes pumping gas, and one exits his vehicle, jumping into the unattended passenger seat of Smith’s car.

It is Smith’s knee-jerk response, a reaction she has since referred to as “not the smartest nor safest,” that makes the video interesting. Upon noticing a stranger inside of her car, Smith instinctively jumps atop the hood, gripping the windshield wipers as the carjacker drives off.

According to Smith, the driver could be seen through the windshield, laughing, as she struggled to hang on.

“These 4 teens showed no remorse for what they were doing as they laughed at me while attempting to steal my car,” she said in a Facebook post, which has now been shared more than two thousand times.

After failing to knock Smith from the hood of the car, the thief can be seen in the video abandoning the vehicle, still in drive, as it careened onto E St. Paul Ave. Smith was able to climb down, regain control of the car and shift into park before it could do any damage to oncoming traffic. She can be seen sinking to the ground beside her vehicle afterward as bystanders come to her aid. Meanwhile, the carjackers flee the scene.

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Milwaukee police are still looking for suspects. In the meantime, Smith’s video has already been viewed more than three hundred fifty thousand times and was picked up by CNN and The Today Show.

Much of the ensuing internet chatter has focused on the safety and advisability of Smith’s response.

“Of course you should not try that at home, but can we just say — she’s sort of amazing,” said co-host Savannah Guthrie on Today. “You shouldn’t do it,” she added.