The Winter of Our Great Content

‘Twas a glorious summer before the clouds lowered upon our house. But we’ve got some silver linings.

By Liz Chatterton, Ann Christenson, Mary Jo Contino, Claire Hanan, Matt Hrodey, Amber Jorgenson, Sara Rae Lancaster, Howie Magner, Laura Merisalo, Dan Shafer & Daniel Simmons | Illustrations by Whitney Salgado

William Blake sounded content enough with his late-1700s musing: “In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.” Of course, the words rest atop his poem “Proverbs of Hell” within The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

Setting aside any literary, theological or other analyses, Blake might as well have penned a metaphor for Wisconsin and its fickle seasons: a summer not quite long enough, a winter that’s sometimes fraught with snow, sometimes stingier with it, but always plenty cold.

Yet, here we live. And among us are hardy souls who not only endure the frigid elements, but embrace them. Winter, they say, is a season to laud rather than lament, one that beckons us outside rather than banishes us to the confines of a fireside armchair.

They believe there’s no better way to warm up than to go out into the cold and get moving – be it in boots or on skis, snowshoes or bikes. They don’t let weather keep them from festivals and events. They laugh at winter, because it’s fun. Yes, really.

Featuring: our list of dozens of ways to enjoy winter in the Milwaukee area, a Q&A with meteorologist Vince Condella, a list of Wisconsin beers to keep you warm during the winter months, and ways to battle winter with a healthy appetite.

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