The Tandem is Providing 150 Free Meals a Day

In need of a meal? Call The Tandem, no questions asked.

Those in the community have been struggling amidst the Covid-19 layoffs and shutdowns. If you haven’t felt the impact yet, you’re bound to feel it soon.

There are small businesses needing help due to the pandemic as well. This one, The Tandem, is taking a much different approach.

In a press release via Facebook on Tuesday night, The Tandem announced they were going to be providing free meals to those in need. The meals are made with perishable items from their supply.

After having to lay-off 80 percent of their staff, it was obvious to owner Caitlin Cullen that not everyone was going to come out of this scenario okay.

“It started by just making meals for former employees, but it became obvious that more people were going to need meals” stated Cullen.

The initial need wasn’t expected, with day one leaving those who were helping swamped. But that isn’t going to stop them. With those continuously in dire need for sustenance, The Tandem is to put out 150 meals a day for those within the community.

“The goal is to help until we no longer can. We’ve all got to stick together through all of this” said Cullen.

Stick together we will. Stay safe, Milwaukee.

If you’re in need of a meal or know someone who is, call 414-885-1919.



Morgan is a 2020 MilMag intern. She's Minnesota born, but has a Milwaukee heart. An Alverno College undergraduate and will be graduating in December 2020 . Follow her on social media @morgan_lemner