The Story of How a Local Couple Married Themselves

They pronounced themselves married.

We had planned a small, intimate wedding. When COVID happened, we held off, and then halfway through the summer, we thought, “We’re tired of waiting.”

I’m an attorney, so I know that you don’t need someone to officiate you in Wisconsin, so I said, “We’ll just do it ourselves.” It was not formal at all. We had it in our living room with my husband Marco’s parents and my mom and my grandma, and we got married in front of our fireplace.

I didn’t even wear my wedding dress. We read vows that we put together ourselves. You don’t have to say anything official, but we did because we thought it was funny – “We pronounce ourselves married.”

At some point, I want to have the reception and take pictures, but we weren’t worried about it then, because to us it was more about the marriage and less about the wedding. 

EMILY CASTRO as told to by Archer Parquette


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