The Milwaukee Art Museum Is Close to Becoming an Official LEGO Set

Keep voting if you want to see this set become reality.

We’re one step closer to seeing a Milwaukee Art Museum LEGO set. 

Vida András submitted his version of the MAM to the LEGO Ideas Competition and, back in May, we encouraged everyone to go and vote for his creation so he could move to the next round. And, because of exceptional voter turnout, András is in the final stretch of the competition. 

LEGO started its Ideas Competition as a way to encourage its consumers to explore their imaginations and create a new product idea or proposal for LEGO to release in the future. If a proposal reaches 10,000 votes, it will undergo expert review and potentially become an official LEGO set. 

András’ submission hit the 5,000 vote threshold, earning him an additional 182 days (6 months) to reach the final number of votes needed: 10,000. 

So, once again, we’re asking you to head to the “polls” and show your support for András and his incredible Lego MAM. Let’s showcase the beauty of Milwaukee to the world!



Marla Hiller is an editorial intern at Milwaukee Magazine. She is a junior at Boston University majoring in international relations and minoring in journalism