The Best Things to Do This Week, According to Our Editors: Oct. 24

Check out Bavette, Supermoon Beer Co., Camp Bar and more.

1. Check Out Bavette’s New Location


I wrote about the new location of Bavette (217 N. Broadway) in our August 2022 issue, and I gotta say, ambiance-wise, it’s one of my favorite restaurant interiors right now. The butcher shop-restaurant settled into the former small plates joint Swig, which I remember as dark and confining. Owner Karen Bell opened this place up – it’s bright and feels so much bigger. The bar is a gaper’s delight, seriously the spot to meet a friend for a drink and something from Bell’s modern, farm-influenced menu. We shared a bunch of plates at our table, including the grass-fed burger that’s on the menu all the time now (it used to be a weekly special at the old location), served with beef-fat fries.

Karen Bell, Bavette La Boucherie; Photo by Tom Grimm

2. Grab a Beer at Supermoon Beer Co.


It’s a gangbusters month of new beer venues in Milwaukee, and this one has been a quiet opening that is going loud this weekend. Rob Brennan has been releasing bottles of his mixed-fermentation beers since November 2020 and running a little outdoor popup beer garden as his taproom has been completed this year. That project is done, and for the last two weekends, a soft opening has welcomed guests into the taproom with an ultra-casual vibe that feels like having a beer at a friend’s house. The friendly bartenders are eager to help you find which of Supermoon’s eight beers is the right choice for your pour; such patience is important when you’re plying a menu packed with unusual beers that are funky, tart and fruity in various combinations. The most universal crowd-pleaser, though, is the clean, refreshing Saison Bay View, tapped on a side-pull with a fluffy, meringue-like head. Grand opening is at 3 p.m. on Friday (3145 S. Howell Ave.).

Supermoon Beer Co.; Photo by Chris Drosner



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3. Enjoy an Oktoberfest Brew at Camp Bar Before Autumn Is Over


Here’s my definitive ranking of the seasons from best to worst: autumn, spring, winter, summer. Is my ranking objectively wrong? Yes, it is, but these are my feelings, and I do not care. Someday I will write a 10,000-word essay explaining why summer sucks and autumn rules, but today is not that day (mostly because my editor at Milwaukee Magazine refuses to publish it because it is “incredibly stupid”). So right now, we’re in the midst of my favorite season, autumn, and I’m desperately trying to get the most out of it before winter sets in. And one way I did that this past weekend was by enjoying some autumnal drinks at a very autumnal bar – Camp Bar in the Third Ward. All warm, dark tones and woodland decor, Camp is an ideal bar for this season. There are plenty of drink options, but I recommend Eagle Park’s seasonal Oktoberfest, which Camp Bar is serving on tap.

4. Listen to “Midnights” by Taylor Swift


It’s me. Hi. I’m the (self-declared) resident Swiftie here at Milwaukee Magazine. Whether or not you’re a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, I want to encourage you to listen to her new album. There are songs to dance to, cry to, sing at the top of your lungs in the car to and more. And not only does Swift once again prove her mastery of lyricism in many songs, with lines like “Did you hear my covert narcissism I disguised as altruism like some kind of congressman” in “Anti-Hero,” but she also let her sense of humor shine through in songs like “Karma,” where she describes karma as everything from her boyfriend to the breeze in her hair to “a cat purring in my lap ’cause it loves me.” My favorite song, at the moment at least, is probably “Lavender Haze” (thank you for asking). And I’d be remiss if I didn’t also recommend that you check out the whimsical and fun music video for “Anti-Hero” directed by Swift herself.

5. Scream Your Head Off at Six Flags Great America


My family soaked up part of last weekend’s glorious summer-like weather at Great America (1 Great America Parkway, Gurnee, Illinois), and even as a Skeptical/Cheap Dad, I had to appreciate a few things about this awesome theme park. The ride to and from Gurnee is quicker and easier than I remember. If you haven’t been in several years, the rides are better than you remember. My old favorites – Raging Bull, Viper, Batman – were joined by new favorites, including X-Flight and the absolutely gonzo Goliath, a wooden coaster with twisting inversions and a 180-foot, near vertical drop that is so long it actually allows you to take a breath between screams. The Halloween-themed Fright Fest continues through this weekend for extra thrills. Plus, if you buy a season pass now, it’s for 2023 and you get the rest of this year included. (The park is still open Saturdays and Sundays through Nov. 13 as well as this Thursday, Friday and Monday for Halloween.)