The Best Things to Do This Week, According to Our Editors: May 24

A tasty new IPA, a lovable new podcast and more in this week’s editor’s picks.

1. Stop by Saint Kate


My mom and step-dad visited me over the weekend. They booked a room at the Saint Kate. And I remembered, when I met them in the lobby for drinks their first night in town, how much I love the place. The art in its galleries is ever-changing and always interesting. And the space is full of thoughtful design choices too. I realized midway through my cocktail, for instance, that an artist had painted the underside of the mirrored coffee table we were sitting around. Because there was a mirrored-shelf directly below the painting, we were able to see an image of the work reflected just above our feet. So cool. And so unexpected!

2. Whitnall Park Beer Garden (or Any Beer Garden)


A beautiful day, delicious beer, bavarian pretzels and a polka band make for a perfect way to spend an afternoon, if you ask me. I found all of this and more at the Whitnall Park Beer Garden on Saturday. While the parking lot was packed, there were plenty of tables and space to spread out and enjoy a drink. Whitnall Park is just one of many beer gardens in the Milwaukee area, so find the one that’s closest to you and enjoy. 



3. Listen to Talking Sopranos 


“The Sopranos” is the best television show that has ever been made. There are close contenders – “Breaking Bad,” “The Wire,” season 1 of “True Detective,” and I’d give a personal boost to “The Shield” – but nothing has quite topped Tony and the crew. I first watched it in high school, and it blew me away. When I returned to re-watch a few weeks ago, I was scared that it wouldn’t stand up. Maybe I had loved it so much because I was a stupid kid with mediocre taste, but no – it’s even better than I remembered. The character dynamics are so rich and beautifully illustrated. It’s hilarious. The music choice is masterful. But I’m not here just to recommend “The Sopranos.” I’m here to recommend Talking Sopranos, a new podcast, started during the pandemic, by Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirppa (a.k.a Christopher Moltisanti and Bobby Bacala). The two actors are working their way through every episode, revealing behind the scenes tidbits and interviewing other members of the cast. The two of them have a great chemistry, and the in-depth guide to each episode is the perfect companion for a re-watch.

4. Drink Things We Don’t Say IPA


Nearly 200 breweries are releasing a beer called Things We Don’t Say this month to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and to normalize conversations about it, especially in the brewing industry. But the effort started right here in Milwaukee, sparked by Nicole Henzel, a sales manager with Milwaukee-based Malteurop Malting Co., and Eagle Park Brewing drew up the recipe that has been replicated many, many times over across the country. Eagle Park’s version, on shelves, is a very nice hazy IPA with a little bit of a West Coast vibe to its flavor and aroma profile. Gathering Place Brewing also made a Things We Don’t Say, tweaking it to be a hop-forward lager (IPL). Component Brewing and New Barons Brewing Co-op collaborated on their Things We Don’t Say, and also made an IPL.

5. A Lemony-Perfect Pot of Rice Recipe


I could eat rice every day. And sometimes I do. I just discovered a recipe that will be part of my regular rice rotation: writer/culinary historian Michael Twitty’s lemon rice. What makes it special is the topping of candied garlic. Dynamite!