The Best Things to Do This Week, According to Our Editors: June 6

A beer garden, an artist and a Wisconsin film make this week’s list!

1. Write a Note at Christopher T Wood’s Studio


Christopher T Wood is the new Artist in Residence at The Pfister. His studio is set up near the lobby, and it is like entering another world. Wood has been creating drawings every day for six years. It’s all part of one massive pataphysical illustration project that he’s been working on. During his time at The Pfister, his daily drawings are inspired by the hotel and the guests that roam there. He even has an old-fashioned typewriter out so that you can write him a poem or note to inspire his work and be a part of this massive art piece. And if you have time, stop by and say hi. 

Christopher Wood; Photo courtesy of the Pfister Hotel

2. Check out Old Heidelberg Park


Confession time. It took a few years for me and an event (Lager & Friends beer festival on Saturday) to check out Old Heidelberg Park (700 W. Lexington Blvd., Glendale), billed as the oldest beer garden in Milwaukee. During the week I was sweating a maybe-rainy forecast, unsure of shelter at the venue. I needn’t have worried; the park’s huge beer hall could have held two such fests concurrently, with tons of room for wandering and the general public in the wooded, comfortable beer garden space outside the covered but open-air venue. During the experience, I was thinking “Man, they should have like six beer festivals here a year.” The event this weekend isn’t quite the same kind of beer festival, but it’s close: SprecherFest, put on by the adjacent Bavarian Bierhouse and Sprecher Brewery, its esteemed 27-year-old peer just down the road. Old Heidelberg Park functions as a regular beer garden Tuesdays through Sundays in summer. 


3. See Small Town Wisconsin During its Exclusive Theatrical Run at the Oriental Theatre


Last Friday, I attended the world theatrical premiere of Small Town Wisconsin at the Oriental Theatre. The event was sold out, with the entire cast and crew in attendance. It was a fun night, full of laughter and cheers while the movie played on big screens for the first time since its virtual release back in 2020. Plus, the cast came out afterward for a panel discussion. The award-winning comedy – which follows a drunken father who loses takes his son on one last trip to Milwaukee before losing custody – is now doing an exclusive theatrical run at the Oriental this week before hitting digital and on-demand. You should go. The movie’s fun, and it’s got plenty of beautiful shots of MKE.




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4. Get a Seafood Supper


The pursuit of Sunday night dinner led me to Mequon and a bar seat at friendly St. Paul Fish Company (6200 W. Mequon Rd.). One word: yum. You gotta love a fish shack with a giant octopus light fixture hanging over the bar. After sharing a tender parmesan-breaded calamari steak appetizer with my friend, I devoured the baja grilled shrimp tacos and watched the bartenders pouring what seemed like an endless stream of moscato for someone in the dining room. The lobster roll was also calling my name, but next time…

St. Paul Fish Company; Photo by Ann Christenson

5. They Have Gabagool at Subway Now


Ok, so I know this isn’t really what the Milwaukee Magazine editor’s picks are all about. These are supposed to be, I guess like, cultural events and cool Milwaukee things, not cold cuts at a national sandwich chain. But I already did that pick about the movie at the Oriental up above there, so now I want you to listen to me talk about gabagool. They have it at Subway now. For real. You can get a Spicy Italian footlong with gabagool. You have to call it “capicola” like a medigan when you order, but it’s there, and I tried it and it’s good.