The Best Things to Do This Week, According to Our Editors: July 19

We recommend one of our favorite trails, keeping up with the NBA Finals and more this week in Milwaukee.

1. Stroll the Milwaukee River Trail


The RiverWalk deservedly gets a lot of love. But since moving to Riverwest, I’ve learned to appreciate the northern stretch of the Milwaukee River Trail more and more. It’s scenic, peaceful and never over-crowded. Plus, my dog loves it just as much as I do.

2. Catch Up on Bucks Post-Game Interviews


Like the rest of Milwaukee, I can’t get enough of the NBA Finals. And, in my opinion, the best way to keep up is by subscribing to the Milwaukee Bucks YouTube channel. Watch those videos and you’ll get golden moments like Giannis Antetokounmpo saying he had to “tinkle,” Jrue Holiday talking about the “Valley Oop” and Kris Middleton showing up to every post-game interview with a buddy (to one reporter’s chagrin). What you’ll learn from the videos is that the star players of our home team are lovable to watch both on and off the court. They’re humble, quick to praise their teammates over themselves and obviously enjoying this massive moment and opportunity. I’ll leave you with this gem of a video where Antetokounmpo addresses Milwaukee fans saying “be loud”: 



Join Milwaukee Magazine and Quad for the third-annual Unity Awards Event on March 8 from 6:30-9 p.m. at GATHER in the Deer District.

3. Watch Another Round


You know that feeling when you’re a beer and a half in and everything’s just better? You’re smarter, funnier, more social, better at pool and darts, just plain better? Well, what if you tried to live your entire life in that just-buzzed state? It’s the premise of Another Round, a 2020 Danish film by Thomas Vinterberg. A band of school teachers led by the always captivating Mads Mikkelson attempts to scientifically maintain a 0.05 blood alcohol concentration during all their waking hours and measure the social and professional benefits. Another Round‘s story arc is somewhat predictable, but it’s nevertheless a joyous, wrenching and heart-tugging ride that will cause some introspection if you enjoy a tipple now and then. Rated 18+, streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Try This Peach Cobbler Recipe


I love it when the Tree Ripe Fruit truck arrives (late June to early August), bringing to Milwaukee the juiciest, most flavorful peaches I’ve ever tasted. I always buy too many and then they ripen and I have to do something with them pronto. And this week, that something was this cakey cobbler. I cut back the sugar in the filling by half because my peaches are so sweet as is, but otherwise, I followed the recipe as written. A peachy delight.

5. Read Inside Story by Martin Amis


Martin Amis, the masterful novelist of Money and The Information, among many others, published his latest novel last year, and he says it will be his last.

He writes, “This book is about a life, my own, so it won’t read like a novel – more like a collection of linked short stories, with essayistic detours. Ideally I’d like Inside Story to be read in fitful bursts, with plenty of skipping and postponing and doubling back – and of course frequent breaks and breathers.”

The structure does feel like a grab-bag of essays, short stories, writing workshops and photos, but when the author putting such a grab-bag together is as skillful as Amis, it all comes together around the weight of his authorial presence and his pitch-perfect voice.

The story follows young Amis and much of it revolves around his relationships with three literary titans : Saul Bellow, Philip Larkin and above all, his closest friend, Christopher Hitchens. If you’re a Hitchens fan, one of the great enjoyments of this novel is hearing his inimitable voice while you read his dialogue. The story follows Amis as he try to plot his way in the world, while also expanding to survey the horrors of the 20th century, a topic he has explored frequently in books like Koba the Dread and The Zone of Interest.

To see Amis conclude his career in novels is a sad thing, but on the other hand, I’m happy he went out with a bang.