The exterior of the Villa Terrace

The Best Things to Do This Week, According to Our Editors: April 26

Museums, beer and a tasty latte this week in Milwaukee.

1. Milwaukee’s Museums Are Open


I visited the Villa Terrace this week for the first time in over a year, and while I was standing in its galleries, it really hit me how much I’ve missed seeing exhibits in person. Virtual shows are nice, but nothing really compares to the experience of getting up close and personal with a work of art or a historic artifact. Fortunately, most of the city’s largest museums are open again, and have robust safety plans for visitors in place too.

2. Read Self Care by Leigh Stein


This book made me laugh out loud. That is an exceedingly rare event, and somewhat alarming if you happen to be in public. Luckily, I was not in public because the book’s bright pink cover made me too embarrassed to be seen reading it, but that pink cover is deceiving. This isn’t some throwaway feel-good novel – it’s one of the funniest satires I’ve read in recent memory. Two best friends run a female self care social network called “Richual,” and when one of them makes a public slip-up on Twitter, it leads to a PR crisis for the company. It’s hilarious and spot-on in every nuance. Just listen to the opening introduction of one of the two lead characters:

“Devin tossed her coat over the ergonomic exercise ball chair. Her blond hair was still damp from showering after her exercise class, so I knew she wasn’t too concerned about me, not so concerned that she’d miss an opportunity to burn six hundred calories. She was wearing her “Namaslay” T-shirt.”

That level of hilarious, pitch-perfect detail carries the book, plus Stein makes quite a few poignant and thoughtful observations about modern life as well.


3. Crack Open Lakefront’s My Turn: Al


We wrote last month about the poignant story of Lakefront Brewery’s My Turn: Al beer, but the actual beer had slipped my mind at the bottle shop until last week. A Lakefront brewer said on Twitter that it was one of the best beers the 33-year-old brewery has ever made, and it truly is a fantastic stout: a touch of sweet caramel-chocolate, a touch of roast, and a clean, slightly bitter finish – a welcome throwback in a style dominated by excess sugar in recent years. The beer was made in honor of Al Kluth, a warehouse manager who died last fall of pancreatic cancer, a few months before his turn in the brewery’s rotating series of beers designed by employees. Al would surely be proud, and rightly so, of this beer. 

4. Check Out My Octopus Teacher


My weekend discovery was My Octopus Teacher, a documentary streaming on Netflix. In the course of doing free dives into a South African underwater forest, a filmmaker becomes friends with, well, an octopus. The relationship that builds between the human and the creature is amazing to watch. It also just won the Oscar for Best Documentary.

5. Latte de Coquito at Día y Noche


Día y Noche recently opened in Greendale and I’ve been itching to try it. The business is a café by day, and restaurant by night, which I think is fun. For my first visit I decided to walk over and pick up a coffee drink from Día. I asked what they recommended and it was a latte I had never heard of before. The Latte de Coquito mixes espresso, coconut milk, cinnamon syrup, vanilla syrup, whipped cream and nutmeg. You can order it hot or iced, and I loved it.