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Bar Time Contest

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By Anna Kasper There is a beautiful white building downtown that exudes an iconic feeling. It's not the Calatrava or Discovery World, but The Cudahy Tower, loc...
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Koz’s Mini Bowl

Koz's Mini Bowl (2078 S. 7th St) is a quintessential Southside Milwaukee dive-bar: a kitschy, comfortable, cozy throwback situated on the corner of Becher and 7...
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Mad Planet

By Derick Braun In rounded neon letters, the word “DANCING” shines from one of Mad Planet’s windows unto the southwest corner of Booth and Center Ave, beckonin...
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Blackbird Round 3

By Liz Van Pay Small bars are a dime a dozen in Milwaukee, and most are downright forgettable. The scene plays out as it has so many times before: you walk in,...
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My Office

By John George Buchel 763 North Milwaukee Street Milwaukee, WI 53202-3715 (414) 276-9646 My Office is serious business. It’s been a bar since 1975, in a two-...
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County Clare

By Michael Klecker Within the walls of pubs, we are all dreamers. We step through the portal, entering an institution designated for forgetting. We remember w...
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By Nick Kotecki You walk into Foundation. The first thing you notice is that it is a tiki bar. The second thing you notice is how it is like no tiki bar you'v...