We review Tigernite's self-titled debut album.

Glam rock’s attraction to space exploration as a metaphor to discover one’s true self serves as the driving force behind tigernite’s self-titled debut (July). The galactic cover art and corresponding 20-page booklet (illustrated by Milwaukeean Brian Ellis) details a crumbling alien landscape occupied by gigantic jellyfish, where majestic skyscrapers and grimy slums are left abandoned, and four space rangers are transported to another galaxy.

Over the course of the eight-song, 28-minute album, vocalist Molly Roberts and her three bandmates embark on a cosmic quest of classic rock riffs and soaring anthems that touch on themes of hopeless isolation (“Wasteland”), personal strength (“Tarantula,” “No Girls Allowed”) and gender identity (“Empire,” “Drag”). The album feels like a daring journey – albeit a fun one – and at the end, its space rangers stand proud.

‘Star Trek’ appears in the September 2015 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.

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