Squeeze Play

The Juice Kitchen isn’t hard-pressed to bring healthy beverages to a neighborhood that needs them.

Maanaan Sabir smiles as he plops two baseball-sized beets into a whirling industrial juicer. As the stream of ruby-red liquid pours out, Sabir sings along to the radio and begins coring a pineapple. At the same time, his wife, JoAnne, is busy handing out drinks and chatting with the line of customers inside their business,, The Juice Kitchen, which made the leap from Internet endeavor to this 600-square-foot space (1617 W. North Ave., 414-897-8635). It’s part of The Commons, which was built to be a self-sustaining food hub in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood.

The Sabirs are determined to bring healthy, affordable options to this largely low-income neighborhood. “A lot of people from the community are challenged to get nutrients in their daily diet,” says JoAnne. “[The Juice Kitchen] is a starting point.”

Juice combos include Soul Food, a citrusy blend of sweet potatoes, oranges, lemons, limes, mangoes and carrots, and Purple Haze, a velvety smooth, surprisingly sweet mix of beets, apples, sweet potatoes, strawberries and lemons (12-ounce juices $3.50-$7.50). Vibrant, vitamin-packed juices and smoothies make up the majority of the menu, but hot drinks and juice shots, like chia or ginger, are also in the mix. A confederacy of juices.

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