7 Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund Around Milwaukee

If you’re one of those debt-free bon vivants whose savings goals are already taken care of, heed our advice for a post-tax season, Milwaukee-style splurge. You deserve it.

Tax season: It can be like the time you found that forgotten $10 bill in your coat pocket (multiplied by many times if you’re lucky). In 2017 in the US, taxpaying individuals received an average of $2,763 after filing their tax returns. Instead of frittering your refund away on slices of pizza or Q-tips at the drug store (or losing it in a different coat pocket), put some thought into your spending.

Box seats for the Brewers

Get close enough to the home plate umpire to help him with tough calls. Keep the brats and beers coming.

Field Diamond Platinum (behind home plate): $105-$185 per person.

Suite boxes are also available for groups: (414) 902-4029, or suitesales@brewers.com

Custom Suits/Dresses

For your splurge outing, you’ll need to be appropriately outfitted of course.

NL Suits (Men): Get measured, pick out details and have a suit ready in two weeks (tuxedo under three weeks). $495-$1500, depending on fabric and style details.

Nordstrom (Women & Men): Lots of designer duds to choose from, price varies.

A Day at the Spa

What’s the real beauty secret of the stars? Money. Stay looking young, and relieve the tension from a full year of parsimony.

Well Spa at the Pfister Hotel: Body treatments, massage, facials, makeup. Price varies, depending on services.

Le Cocon: Facials, waxing and massages at a cozy, relaxing setting in Shorewood. Price varies depending on services.

Extravagant Dinner

Tacos and burgers are amazing, but it’s essential to treat yourself to a proper dining experience every once in a while. And if the restaurant has a leather-bound “reserve” or “cellar” wine list, that’s the one you ask for if the IRS just hooked you up.

Carnevor: A steakhouse a cut above the rest, with some wines worthy of your hard-earned return.

Sanford: Tasting menu in an upscale setting, for the more adventurous diner.

Bacchus: Upscale New-American cuisine, with a solid wine list and views of the lake.

Hotel Suite

How does James Bond always survive brushes with death? He gets his rest in only the finest of hotels. Hopefully you won’t be karate chopping villains in helicopters the next day, so keep the room service and champagne coming.

Pfister Hotel: Classic luxury in the heart of Milwaukee. Around $300 a night depending on when you book.

Iron Horse Hotel: Industrial chic luxury. Rooms from $150-$250 per night, depending on when you book.

Kimpton Journeyman Hotel: Modern class, in Milwaukee’s hip Third Ward. $200-$400 per night, depending on when you book.

Yacht Charter

Thoroughly embedded on the collective “stuff rich people like” list,  a yacht (rental) can be a great way to view Milwaukee’s skyline and host a bunch of friends (if you’re feeling generous with your return).

MKE Boat Line Rentals: Starting at $1,999 through May, $2,099 June-September, with optional add-ons like a narrated tour.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

For an eccentric, old-school take on luxury adventure, take a ride on a hot air balloon. You’ll float 2,000 feet above beautiful wildlife, Lake Michigan and all the poor fools squandering their tax returns.

Soaring Sports Milwaukee: $598 per person (with sales as low as $349 per person) for one hour in the air. Champagne, non-alcoholic drinks and hors d’oeuvres are offered. Book one month ahead.