4 Milwaukee-Made Food Products You Need to Try

Unusually delicious products, all made in Wisconsin.

1) Bread Crisps

Bagel chips? Been there, eaten that. Angelic Bakehouse’s new line of crisps are in that textural wheelhouse, but are lighter and arguably healthier (made with sprouted whole grains). They’re a super base for artichoke dip, hummus, lox and cream cheese, thin-sliced salami and more. An office favorite is the honey wheat-raisin crisps with nut butter and jam. The three flavors ($4) are available at Sendik’s, Outpost Natural Foods, Whole Foods Market and online. – Ann Christenson

2) Menomonee Valley Bourbon

Great Lakes Distillery produced 1,010 bottles of this 7-year-old liquor. Mine being No. 777. I’m feeling lucky, and the 90-proof limited release mostly pays off. An initial amber pour noses far more alcohol than the sweeter whiffs expected from aged bourbons, and the first sips furnish flicks of fire. But palate patience rewards you with more nuanced flavors, particularly notes of spicy caramel and vanilla, and the lengthy finish encourages sipping. Don’t neglect the pleasant pipe tobacco aroma from your empty glass. Nobody’s confusing this with Pappy Van Winkle, but you can’t find an older bourbon made in Wisconsin. Consider it a fortunate discovery. $80 per bottle at Discount Liquor, Otto’s and more [Now sold out]. – Howie Magner

3) Organic Snacks

I suspected delicious things from Jackson, Wis.-based Gorilly Goods’ chocolate, fruit and nut mix. These sweet, crunchy clusters are rich (not low fat) energy food. Still, I didn’t know what to expect from the savory pumpkin-seeds-and-kale mix. But ho! Seasoned with tamari, nutritional yeast and cayenne, this version has addiction written all over it. In six varieties (around $2.50 each) on the shelves of Outpost, Sendik’s and Woodman’s. – Ann Christenson

4) Greek Olive Oil

You can cook with Mavra Papadatos’ buttery, lightly peppery extra-virgin oil, which comes from the koroneiki olive trees growing on her family’s farm in Greece. But the Kenosha resident – who christened Mavra’s Greek Olive Oil in 2013 and has seen her business grow, selling 7,400 bottles in 2014, with about 14,000 expected in 2016 – recommends it as a finishing oil for salads, meats and fish and for bread-dipping. All good suggestions, and I’ll add another: drizzled over feta and olives and topped with cracked black pepper. The bomb! Retails for $18 a 16.9-ounce bottle. Find it at Beans & Barley, Sendik’s, Piggly Wiggly and online. – Ann Christenson

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