One Year Later: We Caught up With Real Wedding Couple Mellisa and Adam a Year In

In last year’s issue of Milwaukee Weddings, we featured the August 2017 wedding of Mellisa and Adam. This year, we asked the couple to weigh in on their first 12 months of marriage.

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MELLISA AND ADAM met in March 2015 through a dating app. Marriage was something they discussed pretty early in the relationship. Adam proposed to Mellisa just over a year after they began dating. Their wedding was at The Landing 1841 in Burlington, and reminders of Mellisa’s Chinese heritage were incorporated into the reception, in addition to rustic but elegant touches throughout.

photo by Studio 29 Photography
photo by Studio 29 Photography

How would you describe your first year of marriage?

Mellisa: A whirlwind.
Adam: It’s been fun and exciting, but also a huge learning curve.

How has your relationship changed after marriage, if at all?

Mellisa: I don’t think it has changed much – we continue to challenge and support each other.
Adam: I think we appreciate things now more.

How do you solve problems?

Mellisa: Communication, honesty and a respect for one another. It took practice.
Adam: We just talk and try to get to the bottom of things. We are far from great at it, but the difficult conversations definitely get easier over time.

photo by Studio 29 Photography

What’s the best advice you’ve received from another couple?

Mellisa: My parents remind me that we are a team. You’ll have good times and bad times, but you’ll always have each other, and you’re always on the same team.
Adam: Just keep talking to each other no matter what.

What advice do you have for other newlyweds? Engaged couples?

Mellisa: My advice for newlyweds would be to continue “dating.” Engaged couples: don’t get too caught up in planning the wedding.
Adam: Newlyweds: enjoy it, and embrace the challenges head-on. Engaged: the wedding is the easy part.

photo by Studio 29 Photography

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