Unnerving Parallels to Slender Man

Is there something unique about the online creation, or is he simply part of an age-old cultural phenomenon, a boogeyman standing in place of those in old fairy tales?

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We tend to think of the Waukesha Slender Man stabbing case as one in a million (I’ve even called it one in a billion), but it bears similarities to other, newer crimes carried out in Indiana and Florida, both of which were reportedly “inspired” by fictional boogeymen. Operating with an admittedly limited data set, we endeavored to draw careful and judicious conclusions with Associate Professor Tina Freiburger, chair of the Criminal Justice Department at UW-Milwaukee. Does it mean something about the internet, juvenile crime, horror stories, anything, that these tragedies are occurring?

Our January cover story is a detailed retelling of the Waukesha case and the forces behind it.

And the featured song today is Kiings’ “1984.”

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