Downtown Reinvention Revisited

One year after the publication of our cover story on the historic reinvention of Downtown Milwaukee, Andrew Weiland of BizTimes Milwaukee gives us the scoop on what’s changed, what hasn’t and what remains on the horizon.

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It’s been one year since the Milwaukee Magazine cover story, “Downtown Horizons” was published, and in that time, much has happened in Milwaukee’s Downtown. We’ve already looked back at the arena debate here on the podcast (with Paul Henning of Save Our Bucks and with Keisha Krumm and Jennifer O’Hear of Common Ground), but that’s only the very beginning of the historic reinvention taking place Downtown with projects like the Milwaukee Streetcar, the Lakefront Gateway Plaza, the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons, the Couture, the 833 East Building Northwestern Mutual’s second Downtown high-rise building, the booming apartment market, the convention center, the Grand Avenue Mall…well, maybe not the convention center and the Grand Avenue Mall. But with so much happening, it’s hard to keep track of it all. So for this episode, our guest is Andrew Weiland, who does keep track of all of these projects as the editor of BizTimes Milwaukee, and he gave us the scoop on all the latest developments.

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This episode features the song “Inside” by Light Music.

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Dan Shafer was the digital editor at Milwaukee Magazine. Dan joined the magazine as assistant editor in 2014 and wrote the November 2014 cover story, "Downtown Horizons." He's worked as a reporter at BizTimes Milwaukee and an editor at ThirdCoast Digest. Contact him at He's on Twitter @danshaferMKE.