People Want to Create a Shield Around Miller Park to Stop Its Renaming

There are some passionate people in Milwaukee.

An event titled “Create A Human Shield Around Miller Park So They Can’t Rename It” is gaining some serious traction online. Thousands of people have expressed interest in attending. 

Following is the description: 

“I know we’re late to the party but we must gather in solidarity to protect the name of the park we love so much. Miller is a iconic Milwaukee brewery. Am Fam is dumb.” 

Here at MilMag, we wouldn’t say that Am Fam is dumb, but we have reported feverishly on this particular renaming. We’re not exactly fans. And when we first heard the news two years ago, we gave you seven knee-jerk reasons why we hated it




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So obviously, when we learned of this event, it was up for discussion. Here’s a peek behind the curtain at what was said: 

“What about helicopters? You need to think ahead, people. American Family Insurance is big-time – these guys can bring in air support to take away our Miller sign. This human shield is only going to work if you get enough people to form a human dome, interconnected by limbs, going up and around the entirety of the beloved stadium.” 


– Archer Parquette, managing editor

“I got pretty feisty once about Miller Park getting a new name. But that was 27 years ago, back in January 2019. I now have many, many other things to be angry about and I’m very, very tired. But I will not yum others’ yucks, so godspeed, Miller Park name defenders.


– Chris Drosner, executive editor and author of 7 Reasons We Hate the Renaming of ‘Miller Park’

“If the new name keeps a Major League baseball team in town, I don’t have a problem with it.” 


– Ann Christenson, senior editor and dining critic

“Someone should have done that for the old logo. It was the best logo in baseball.”


– Paul Higgins, Art Director

At the time of this writing, more than 4,200 people have responded to this event. If all of those people show up, on Saturday the 23rd, Milwaukeeans will be linking hands in solidarity, not for peace, love, universal brotherhood or some nonsense like that, but for the love of beer, baseball and the name Miller Park. 

Or, no one will show up. The event is hosted by Memewaukee after all.



Allison Garcia is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.