People Are Taking Wedding and Graduation Photos at Kwik Trip …

Forget the woods, Kwik Trip is the best photo background.

La Crosse Wisconsin is home to beautiful bluffs, shrines and monuments, the world’s largest six-pack and the headquarters of the iconic Midwest staple gas station and store: Kwik Trip.

Recently, midwestern love for Kwik Trip was taken to the next level, by marking significant moments such as graduation and wedding celebrations in front of this iconic staple.

Regan Andrus took some of her graduation photos in front of Kwik Trip. As most college students experience hangovers, hers were marked with the cure being found at Kwik Trip. She would get coffee and a sausage breakfast croissant, or the cheese filled breadsticks. With the memory of pre-class coffee, she wanted a photo with the place that helped her through school.



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“It seemed fitting that we take a picture there in honor of all the times we went,” she said.

Hannah Marasch also has memories with the famous Kwik Trip visit including when her entire wedding party took a detour to the Kwik Trip beer cave. Some of her favorite memories during high school was spending warm summer nights with her husband Jake Marasch when they were sweethearts without the worries of adult life. They did not have a plan, and spent their time wandering Jefferson and the surrounding areas with friends. Whenever they needed gas or a snack, they would stop by, you guessed it, Kwik Trip.

On the day of their wedding, they all piled into a limo to head to the reception when Hannah recalled someone shouting, “Let’s stop at Kwik Trip.”

They pulled up to the familiar Jefferson Kwik Trip and went straight for the beer cave. They grabbed their favorite drinks, and their friend and photographer snapped a picture.

“I loved the confused looks of employees and customers as I walked up to the register in a full-on wedding dress to buy my White Claw,” said Hannah. “I later came back with a thank you card to the employees for dealing with our storming of the store.”

Photo Credit: Brady Pemper

Britney Shaw and her husband Dylan Shaw grew up in Waupaca and they wanted to take their wedding portraits in downtown to commemorate their love for the area. Right before they were done Britney stopped and insisted that they take a photo at Kwik Trip as they have had so many late-night visits, pit stops and used it as a clean place to rest so many times before.

When she reached out to Kwik Trip with the finished product, they sent her crew necks, koozies and other merchandise for making them a part of their wedding memories.

“Now we both strut our Kwik Trip attire on a regular basis because we love the company so much,” said Brittney.