Screenshot from "Lemon"

Paper Holland Rings in Spring with a Song About…Liz Lemon?

Paper Holland returns to Linneman’s Riverwest Inn to headline the annual Equinox Music Festival on Friday, March 24.

Spring has finally arrived. While there aren’t many people lamenting the rising temperatures and vanishing snow, one local band that may be happier than most are the breezy rockers Paper Holland. Last year’s value-sized EP Fast Food felt particularly casual and laid-back, in the same way a sunny summer afternoon in which you crack a beer on the front porch simply passes with ease.

“I think we’re inspired by wanting it to be warm outside,” Paper Holland guitarist Andy Kosanke told me last April about their then-new release. “Something you’d want to listen to during summer when you’re driving around.”

Now, in time to celebrate the new season, the group has released a music video for Fast Food opener “Liz Lemon.” Here, the lyric video is simply titled “Lemon” due to potential copyright issues with the television show 30 Rock—the title repurposes the name of Tiny Fey’s character. (It’s not the band’s only foray into pop culture, the EP also references DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jurassic Park and the preceding album, 2013’s Happy Belated, includes a song about Rory Gilmore.)

The video for “Lemon” is a kaleidoscopic re-imagination of the band’s performance at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn on March 3. Local rapper WC Tank assembled the video from live footage from the show and some pre-recorded materials that were projected on the band during their set. The resulting collage is trippy and fun—perhaps if that porch beer was spiked with some acid.

Paper Holland returns to Linneman’s Riverwest Inn, 1001 E. Locust St., to headline the annual Equinox Music Festival on Friday, March 24 with The Atomic Spins, Black Belt Theatre, The Bang Bang and Listening Party. The show starts at 8 p.m. Cover charge is $8.



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