Out-of-the-box Photogs

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but you rarely want one of those words to be “ordinary.” For couples in search of photographers (and videographers) who skew a bit from the norm, we have some suggestions.

Chino Villatoro Photography, chinovillatoro.com
No matter how many weddings he photographs, Chino Villatoro always gets a rush doing so.

“I love seeing how I can capture ordinary moments of the day in a cool, unique way,” Villatoro says.

And he does, drawing inspiration from the fashion industry to create compositions that blend an artsy, high-end style with a relaxed vibe.

“I really like fashion photography,” Villatoro says, “and model that in my images.”

He’s also not afraid to encourage clients to take creative risks.

“I’m the photographer for couples who want to push the boundaries a little and have some artistic fun,” he says.

Photo by Tres Jolie Photography.
Photo by Tres Jolie Photography.

Tres Jolie Photo, tresjoliephoto.com
A Paris wedding may not be in the budget, but at least international award-winning French photographer Laëtitia Patezour is in Milwaukee. She learned the art of photography in France before bringing her hopelessly romantic-meets-couture perspective to the United States six years ago.

“I like to use a lot of black and white because it is so timeless,” she says, and her work is fit for a French fashion magazine.

Photo by Character D Photography.
Photo by Character D Photography.

Character D Films, characterdfilms.com
Is your love story fit for the silver screen? Character D Films can oblige.

“I describe my work to clients as cinematic storytelling,” says David Scottberg, Character D’s videographer and owner.

Scottberg blends documentary-style characteristics with cinematic effects, “so the viewers feel like they are part of the wedding itself,” he explains.

Always up to date on the latest technology, he also likes using drone videography to add aerial views, when possible.

Photo by Gravidee Photography.
Photo by Gravidee Photography.

Gravidee Photography, gravideedesign.com
The drones have arrived, and Gravidee Photography has embraced them. Pending the expected approval of FAA permits, drone photography will be included with every 2016 package.

“It’s a different perspective,” says Gravidee owner Jeff Lazewski, and part of his ultimate goal of capturing the candid moments hidden within the day’s events. “It’s nice to be over the water and shooting toward the land, where the wedding is happening, instead of shooting on the land toward the water.”

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