Order the Women’s Issue of Milwaukee Magazine

Our November issue highlights dozens of amazing Milwaukee women.

The November issue of Milwaukee Magazine is the annual Women’s Issue. It’s full of stories showcasing the amazing stories of women in Milwaukee.

The cover story is the fourth edition of The Betty Awards, our annual awards honoring exceptional local women. This year’s cohort of seven exemplify the remarkable legacy of our late publisher Betty Quadracci, doing great work in the arts, music, social advocacy and much more. Hear from the winners in this issue or attend our event honoring them in December. 

The November issue also includes:

  • A feature on the state of abortion in Wisconsin after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision
  • A collection of wisdom from dozens of accomplished local women
  • An interview with Kristin Brey, the host of “As Goes Wisconsin”
  • A review of Lebanon House, a new destination for Levantine cuisine
  • A profile of the two local women hosting “Interwovxn,” a new podcast about navigating middle life
  • An analysis of the growing role of women in policing

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