One of the World’s Best Snow Sculptors Happens to be from Fox Point

If this doesn’t inspire you to get in the snow and start sculpting then we don’t know what will.

Most children interested in art find they’re drawn to painting, drawing or whatever crafts their teachers have set out. That wasn’t the case though for Gina Diliberti. She found her passion in snow sculpting.

The Fox Point resident is a member of Wisconsin’s winning snow sculpting team. They first won at the Lake Geneva national snow sculpting contest, and then went on to Frankenumth, Michigan to compete internationally in the Zehnder Snowfest Snow Sculpting Competition where they won the title again. 

Diliberti’s been sculpting snow since she was a kid. She used her front yard as an art gallery and designed pieces that represented monumental moments in her family’s life. When she got her license she crafted a 10-foot steering wheel, and when her sister got engaged she constructed a giant ring.

She met her team through Dave Andrews, a longtime expert in snow sculpting. They met back in 2011 at the Kohler campus in Sheboygan while they were sculpting through the night. In 2016, he asked if she would be interested in carving in the state competition, and, naturally, she was. 

“I think it might be a lot like running marathons how they say that after you run one, you’re either hooked, or you never do it again,” Diliberti says. “After the first year I did it, I was hooked!”

All it takes is a little bit of runners or snow sculpting high and you could find yourself in her same snow boots.