November 2014: The New Boom


Downtown Horizons
Plans are on the drawing board that could radically reshape Downtown Milwaukee. Will we make the quantum leap or blow the chance to go big and bold?
By Dan Shafer

The View Finder
Perched high above the city’s Downtown streets, a condo in the recently built Moderne offers much more than meets the eye.
By Claire Hanan

Till the Well Runs Dry
High-capacity wells are pumping billions of gallons of groundwater onto farm fields, and draining lakes and streams dry. Is Wisconsin’s greatest resource being sacrificed by short-sighted politics?
By Erik Ness

Editor Kurt Chandler’s monthly letter to our readers.
By Kurt Chandler


Droning On
Affordable and user-friendly, amateur drones have skittered beyond the grasp of government regulators.
By Claire Hanan 

In the Cloud
Our fine-toothed analysis of ads in the governor’s race turned up a few surprises.
By Matt Hrodey and Claire Hanan

Living in the Past
A modern crowd remakes a historic photo.
By Julie Mautner 

The Shield
Like a family crest, MPD’s much-loathed uniform patch is weighted with symbols. Now, it’s changing.
By Tim McCormick 

Baby, You Can Drive My Car
New services from Uber and Lyft would let customers double up with other passengers. But the companies say Milwaukee’s license fees are a big roadblock.
By Dan Shafer

A Cold Sweat
When Mother Nature turns chilly, the November Project is just warming up.
By Tim McCormick 

Grand Design
Can Milwaukee’s Grand Avenue mall survive as a retail center?
By Kay Nolan

The Talk
Alie Kriofske Mainella shoots straight when it comes to the birds and the bees.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne

Smash Knits
This month, we’re worshiping at the shrine of cozy gray sweaters – loose, long, patterned or plain. Won’t you join us?
By Claire Hanan


Alone, But Not Lonesome
Going out on the town without a date has its perks: arguments never ruin the evening and it’s easy to get good seats at the opera. So why do waiters act so peeved?
By Pamela Hill Nettleton


Being Frank
The uber-talented violinist – concertmaster for the MSO – breaks the mold in his gig as chamber-music frontman.
By Paul Kosidowski

Best Bets: November
Our staff picks for the best November in Milwaukee has to offer in art, theater and more.


Local Motion
The Menomonee Valley upped its swank factor with the 19-story Potawatomi Hotel, which houses the farm-to-table restaurant Locavore.
By Ann Christenson

Transforming Cafe Perrin into small-plates-focused Nourri – on Vliet Street in Washington Heights – was a sound gastronomic decision.
By Ann Christenson

Chefrigerator of the Month: Jarvis Williams
Do you see any steak in Carnevor executive chef Jarvis Williams’ fridge? You do not. You see chicken. Williams leaves the grocery shopping to his fiancée, Michele, and his mother, who keeps the fridge stocked with assorted home cooking that shows why he leaves meal prep up to her.


Ricardo Diaz
Hispanic leader Ricardo Diaz, once a vocal critic of the Old Guard, is now part of it. His voice may be softer, but his passion can’t be quelled.
By Rich Rovito


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