North Avenue Is About to Become a Brewery Corridor

The Milwaukee area is set for another wave of 3 new brewery openings. And what makes this one interesting is the concentration on west North Avenue, a region previously untouched by the brewery boom.

The list includes two additions to the Wauwatosa beer scene, Stock House Brewing and the second location of the Cedarburg-based The Fermentorium (pending an OK by the Wauwatosa Plan Commission on March 12) and Vennture Brew Co., which is opening in Washington Heights.

Here’s a quick rundown of what each will bring to the table. Cheers to an exciting summer on North Avenue.

Vennture Brew Co.

Location: 5519 W. North Ave.
Scheduled Opening: April

Vennture Brewing
Vennture owners Simon McConico, Rob Gustafson and Jake Rohde (photo courtesy of Rob Gustafson)

What to expect: Experimentation with a wide variety of styles on a relatively small five-barrel system. But beer isn’t the only thing brewing at Vennture. The plan also includes serving coffee, so patrons can easily spend the entire day there if so inclined. It also gives Vennture the ability to make some pretty amazing coffee stouts.

Co-owner Rob Gustafson: “There was really no craft beer in the area and we always had to swing down to Bay View or the downtown area, there wasn’t anything within walking distance to us. We were lucky enough to find a location that is very close to all of us and provides us a unique opportunity to bridge the Wauwatosa side of North Avenue with the Milwaukee side of North Avenue. We plan on being very active in revitalizing the area we are in.”

Stock House Brewing Co.

Location: 7208 W. North Ave.
Scheduled Opening: Late May

Mark Mahoney at Stock House Brewery
Brewer Mark Mahoney in front of the “Pay it Forward” chalkboard (photo courtesy of Paul Hepp)

What to expect: A ton of variety. The motto at Stock House is “one and done” and brewer Mark Mahoney doesn’t plan on creating the same beer twice on his small one-barrel system. Expect to see a few classic styles like cream ales and ambers. The spot also plans to have a “Pay it Forward” beer chalkboard, where patrons can buy beers for friends who aren’t even there and put their name on the board. The next time the friend goes to Stock House and sees their name on the board, they can claim their beer. Very neighborly.

Co-owner Paul Hepp: “We have been greatly impressed by the support that they people in the neighborhood have already shown us just by us announcing our intentions of opening a spot on North Avenue. This particular strip already has several great eateries and establishments to socialize. We aim to be a great fit with them and support them in whatever we can as well.”

The Fermentorium Barrel House

Location: 6933 W. North Ave.
Scheduled Opening: June

Render of Fermentorium Barrel House
Photo courtesy of Kris Volkman

What to expect: The outstanding beers made at The Fermentorium’s original Cedarburg location. The new space won’t be brewing those, but it will be used to produce oak-aged sours in barrels and foeders, an exciting addition to The Fermentorium portfolio.

Owner Kristopher Volkman: “We had been looking at a variety of locations to open a souring facility over the last year, but when this East Tosa location became available we were immediately impressed with the community and business environment. The local restaurants, street festivals and population density made it an easy decision for us to locate here.”



Dan Murphy has been reviewing bars for Milwaukee Magazine for roughly 20 years. He’s been doing his own independent research in them for a few years more.