5 New Food Trucks to Try This Summer

Some are on the horizon; some are already here.

Smoked at 225

Jonas Mack, owner and proprietor of Smoked at 225, serves his smoked meats without sauce. Thanks to a popular refrain from his father (“If you have to put sauce on it, you’re hiding something”), Mack was inspired to search spice racks far and wide to perfect the dry rub for his meats. Mack applies a base rub and adds spices to them liberally, making each one unique; the South Carolina native says he worked side-by-side with his wife, Amy, to give his down-home spicing sensibilities an Asian flair.

The results speak for themselves: regulars flock to the truck to get racks of ribs, pork belly and even rare cuts like the West Coast-favorite tri-tip. All the meats are prepared old-school: Mack smokes them with premium hard wood to seal in an elusive but savory flavor. Mack also boasts authentic collard greens with smoked turkey and yams (with just a hint of ginger and lemon zest) to an extensive menu that features barbecue pork egg rolls and decadent, home-made mac and cheese.

Where to find it: Look for Smoked at 225 at Three Cellars (N72 W13400 Lund Ln., Suite A,
Menomonee Falls,) on Saturdays and Water Street Pub and Grill (N91W16356 Pershing Ave., Menomonee Falls) on Sundays


If you’re looking for beef this summer, you’re looking for Fontelle’s, a burger truck from the owners of Freshfin Poke looking to deliver “upscale food with a casual pricepoint.” Owner Nate Arkush says the truck will be “comfort-food focused,” and the opening day menu certainly backs that claim.

Fontelle’s will feature the “That’s My Jam” burger, with bacon-onion jam, cremini mushrooms and truffle aioli, and the Rising Sun burger, featuring kimchi and fried egg. For spice lovers, take a flyer on the Picoso burger, which blends chorizo and beef into one mouthwatering patty and tops it with onion, jalapeno, muenster cheese and chipotle aioli. Of course, no burger joint would be complete without fries: Fontelle’s offers Beer Cheese & Bacon, Kimchi and Parmesan Truffle specialty fries.

The name Fontelle’s is dedicated to the late mother of one of the truck’s business partners who “knew how to bring people together with food.” Arkush says he hopes Fontelle’s will carry on that tradition.

Where to find it: Look for this truck at Zocalo Food Park (636 S. 6th St.) when it opens in June.

Ruby’s Bagels

Although it’s not traditional food truck fare, Ruby’s Bagels will be looking to fill a gap in the food truck scene. Daniela Varela has been looking for a place to sell her bagels for two-and-a-half years, doing pop-ups at bakeries and coffee shops. Now, the baker finally has a place (on wheels) to call her own.

Bagel offerings include plain, everything, sesame poppy seed and cinnamon sugar; her big sell-out item is a rosemary sea salt bagel. She’s also looking to expand that menu, adding more sweet options and incorporating more Mexican flavors like Mexican chocolate and poblano peppers. Varela makes her own cream cheese mixes as well, including a zesty green onion and decadent strawberry.

Where to find it: Ruby’s Bagels will be another food truck at Zocalo this summer.

Mr. P’s Grilled Cheese

Mr. P’s Grilled Cheese

In a state where you can get artisanal cheese anywhere from a stand at the airport to a roadside “castle,” a grilled cheese food truck needs to stand out. Owner Ty Poulson, 21, is letting the cheese at Mr. P’s speak for itself (or: letting the queso have its say-so).

Poulson’s “simple goodness on wheels” is a monument to Wisconsin’s affaire d’amour with fromage, serving up piping hot grilled cheese fresh off a panini press. The menu features mouth-watering, cheese-dripping favorites like the “Mac Daddy,” a sandwich with mac and cheese inside of it; the Loaded Tater, basically a baked potato in sandwich form; and the Soo EE, a tornado of ham, bacon, muenster and mild cheddar.

Each sandwich is served with a “Little Dipper,” a small tomato bisque, because no grilled cheese would be complete without one. Poulson said a specialty menu is in the works, with possibilities of a barbecue chicken grilled cheese, mushroom and Swiss and some beer cheese sandwiches for the truck’s upcoming beer garden visits. 

Where to find it: Catch them in the Froedtert parking lot (9200 W. Wisconsin Ave., Wauwatosa) every Tuesday and as part of the Traveling Food Truck Tour.

Scratch Ice Cream

Need something sweet for the heat? Scratch Ice Cream is expanding their operation to include a new trailer at Zocalo, where the Wauwatosa-based creamery will be selling scoops, cones and sandwiches of their signature ice creams. The truck will rotate through a 30-flavor roster 10 flavors at a time, with 3 mainstays: the cheesecake, dirtcake and salted caramel ice creams.

Also be on the lookout for homemade brownies and cookies from the bakery. If this summer is as extreme as our most recent lovely winter, it might be good to keep tabs on this one.

Where to find it: Scratch will be permanently parked at Zocalo for the season.