This month delivered the "best rap album of the year."

As we creep slowly into the winter season, let’s remember the good, warm times of this past month in local music. Here are the top Picks of October:

  1. Local Coverage returns to Turner Hall in January

Milwaukee Record announced this month that its annual showcase where local bands cover other local bands comes back to Turner Hall Ballroom on Friday, January 13. The third edition of Local Coverage  features D’Amato (playing The Pukes), Lorde Fredd33 (playing Midwest Death Rattle), Buffalo Gospel (playing Midnight Reruns), Marielle Allschwang (playing Lorde Fredd33), Midwest Death Rattle (playing D’Amato), Abby Jeanne (playing Devil Met Contention), Midnight Reruns (playing Marielle Allschwang), The Pukes (playing Buffalo Gospel), Vincent VanGreat (playing Abby Jeanne) and Devil Met Contention (playing Vincent VanGreat). Tickets are available here. Proceeds benefit Girls Rock Milwaukee and COA Youth & Family Centers.

  1. Bay View hosts the inaugural Beet Street Music Festival

The first annual Beet Street Music Festival celebrated the best things about fall (pumpkin patches, butternut squash soup, mulled apple cider and, of course, pie eating contests) on Saturday, October 15 outside Goodkind and Cactus Club in Bay View. Being a Milwaukee festival and all, the event also featured a great line-up of local musicians, including Negative/Positive, Maritime, Space Raft and Lex Allen.

  1. Venerable East Side jazz club set to reopen

Following almost a year of remodeling after being sold to the owners of Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, The Jazz Estate, 2423 N. Murray Ave., opens its doors once again on Thursday, November 3 with a performance by the DED Organ Trio. A full calendar of events is available here.

  1. Xposed 4Heads is calling on all the ghouls in graveyard smash
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There’s a monster shortage happening and the Devo-inspired new wave group Xposed 4Heads is gathering them all up this October on the new, campy Halloween single, “Calling All Monsters.”



  1. Cream City Motion rapper BoodahDARR drops two tracks this month

The rap collective Cream City Motion has been pretty top heavy thus far—IshDARR has released two successful projects over the past year, including Broken Hearts & Bankrolls in October—but the other members are starting to even things out. Just listen to BoodahDARR’s latest singles “Do Not Disturb” and “Will Call” to hear for yourself.



  1. 52-week project pays off for Lifetime Achievement Award

While time restraints can sometimes hinder the creative process, working on an album without a deadline can often devolve into endless tinkering. Lifetime Achievement Award side-stepped that scenario by writing and recording one song a week for an entire year. The final project, today hard, tomorrow hard, is not only a testament to always moving forward, but it also contains some pretty good songs.


  1. Indonesian Junk conjures Lucifer to play some slick garage rock riffs on new music video

“Due to our strong personal convictions, we wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult,” reads the opening frame of Indonesian Junk’s video for “Shake It With You.” The statement and following video (directed by TW Hansen) is a tongue-in-cheek jab that’s pointed at suburbanite fears of the satanic elements in rock music and Dungeons and Dragons.



  1. REYNA continues its synth-pop reinvention on “Kill Me”
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The sister duo formerly known as Vic and Gab keeps up their hot streak in October with a new track. Following the unstoppable singles “Spill Your Colors,” “Ink on My Skin” and “Magazines,” REYNA showed a more subdued side on “Kill Me,” a glistening and enchanting glimpse at the band’s emotional breadth.



  1. WebsterX releases slow-burning single in advance of new album

While a prominent figure in Milwaukee’s burgeoning rap scene, WebsterX has stretched out his projects over the past couple years, releasing a single or video or EP here and there. Typically a few months don’t go by without hearing something new from WebsterX. That strategy continued in October with the release of new single “Blue Streak (prod. by Four Giants).” The rapper also promised a new album in the future.




  1. IshDARR releases the Milwaukee rap album of the year

Much has been made of IshDARR’s youth in relation to his artistic potential—that the rapper will only get better with age— but his sophomore project, Broken Hearts & Bankrolls, already finds the Milwaukeean at the mountaintop. The 10-track effort is the best rap album of the year.