Walker's John Doe docs leaked, Pokemon Go and Lake Parkers continue feud, Zeidler humanitarian awardees named and tickets (some fake) fetching big coin for Packers-Vikings.

Walker’s corporate cash: The Guardian published 1,500 pages of secret documents related to alleged illegal coordination between Gov. Scott Walker’s recall campaign and outside funding groups, including a lead paint magnate whose company soon benefited from favorable legislation.

Pokemon No: Players of the popular game and Lake Park denizens annoyed by it meet, accomplish nothing.

Ellis, Daitsman get humanitarian award: Andre Lee Ellis and  Rose Daitsman have been named winners of the annual Frank P. Zeidler Public Service award. Listen to Milmag’s podcast with Ellis here.

Careful, cheeseheads: Tickets for Sunday’s Vikings-Packers clash at the purple team’s new glass castle are going for $447 on the secondary market as the team warns fans to beware of counterfeit tix.