Morning Links for Oct. 4, 2016

An angry grizzly bear, Blue Apron’s warehouse troubles, and the method drunk drivers use to get around their ignition interlock devices.

Start your day with these hot links.

  • One De Pere lawmaker is intent on closing the loophole drunk drivers have embraced to get around using court-mandated ignition interlock devices in their cars.
  • Sherman Perk and Fuel Cafe will be part of  “Luke’s Coffee Day” tomorrow to celebrate the Netflix reboot of “Gilmore Girls.” The two Milwaukee shops were chosen with 198 others around the country in a promotion that offers free coffee from 7 a.m.- noon.
  • House Speaker Paul Ryan was asked about the New York Times’ story on Donald Trump’s reported $916,000,000 loss in 1995, which would have enabled him to pay no income tax for 18 years. Ryan reportedly does not think this is a big deal. 
  • A man was hiking in Montana when he was attacked by a grizzly bear twice. Before rushing to a hospital, he made a video and posted it to Facebook.
  • Increasingly popular ingredient delivery service Blue Apron has come under fire for the conditions and hiring practices in its warehouses. 



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