Morning Links for March 11, 2015

A wife-carrying race, climate change and elusive justice.

Noteworthy news for your Wednesday:

  • A Milwaukee couple took first in a “wife-carrying race” in Britain, reports the JS.
  • Milwaukee is projected to have a strong second quarter for job growth – fourth best in the country, says Milwaukee Business Journal.
  • Utah legislators passed a bill on Tuesday that allows execution by firing squads, should drugs for lethal injection not be readily available, reports New York Magazine.
  • On Tuesday, the New York Times published “Elusive Justice in Wisconsin,” saying “If the toxic effects of outsize spending in judicial elections were not already evident, the fiasco playing out in the Wisconsin Supreme Court should erase any doubt.”
  • Florida’s Governor Scott denies banning the phrase “climate change.” NPR talks with scientists who confirm the ban here.



Aimee has a degree in journalism from Oklahoma State University and joined Milwaukee Magazine as an editorial assistant and event manager in the frosty month of January, 2014.