Milwaukee’s Still Looking Glamorous in Netflix’s “The Circle”

We’re glad to see Milwaukee shine again in the new season of this show.

Netflix dropped the first episodes of their new season of “The Circle” Wednesday, and to our delight, the reality television show is still featuring a lot of beautiful shots of Milwaukee. 

“The Circle” first caught our attention in 2020 when we noticed the show was featuring our skyline. We learned that the show’s creators hired a Midwestern videographer to shoot its cut scenes. That’s why throughout the introduction and transition scenes, you’ll see a lot of Milwaukee landmarks, like the Coakley Brothers water tower in Walker’s Point, the lakefront, the Milwaukee River and more. 

Still from “The Circle” on Netflix




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Here at MilMag, we loved the first season of “The Circle.” At first, it was just because we enjoyed seeing our city on TV, but eventually because the show – like many reality TV series – is pretty addicting.  Plus, the first season was very good. The cast was endearing, and it was genuinely entertaining to watch them form bonds without meeting face-to-face. 

In fact, we even recommended it as a top quarantine show when Safer at Home first started. We thought reality TV about a group of people who have chosen to self-isolate and socialize solely through social media might have some positive life lessons to teach us

Netflix is dropping four episodes at a time of the new season every Wednesday. So far we’re only seeing Milwaukee glamor shots, and no local contestants, but they add new players each week so that could change. 



Allison Garcia is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.