Milwaukee Is One of America’s Most Generous Cities

We ranked 13th on a list of the country’s most giving communities.

It’s been a difficult year for most, but it’s also continued to bring out the generosity of Milwaukeeans.

The city ranks 13th among the country’s “most generous” cities for 2020, a recent report conducted by LawnStarter shows.

The firm compared the country’s 150 largest cities across 12 key indicators of philanthropic behavior, from charitable giving to volunteering rate to the number of food banks.

The top five cities are: Minneapolis; St. Paul; Portland, Oregon; Salt Lake City; and Vancouver, Washington.

Madison ranked 100th.



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Here’s how Milwaukee ranked in key charitable behaviors (1 = most generous)

  • Residents who do favors for neighbors: 2nd
  • Residents who donate $25 or more to charity: 3rd
  • Residents who participate in local groups or organizations: 4th
  • Residents who serve as volunteers: 5th
  • Soup kitchens per 100,000 residents: 98th

In that vein, Milwaukee Magazine has partnered with Wisconsin Philanthropy Network to launch Give Back Milwaukee, a multimedia effort to encourage readers to donate time and resources with the generosity for which Milwaukeeans are known. The effort is designed to rally support for our local nonprofits.

There are so many deserving organizations in our area, and numerous ways to get involved. Join us on Facebook each Monday through Friday as we go live, talking to the leaders of some of these worthy causes. Please heed the call, and help these organizations continue to address crucial needs across our region.



Rich Rovito is a freelance writer for Milwaukee Magazine.