Riding the bus never sounded so good.

If you’re riding the bus past the zoo and you hear an elephant trumpeting, don’t be alarmed. It’s just one of the sound effects that the Milwaukee County Transit System introduced in early 2016. Perhaps the powers that be were in a playful mood and decided not to make a formal announcement, and instead take riders by surprise. Here’s a sampling of what you can expect to hear.

What: Chorus to the 1982 funk hit “Electric Avenue”
Where: When the bus crosses Electric Avenue
Routes: 53, 54, 56

What: An elephant’s trumpet
Where: When the bus arrives at the Milwaukee County Zoo stop
Route: Gold Line

What: An airplane taking off
Where: At the General Mitchell International Airport stop
Routes: Green Line, Route 80

What: Motorcycle revving
Where: When the bus crosses Sixth and Canal streets near the Harley-Davidson Museum
Route: 80 

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