Get to know this up-and-coming local artist.

You can now hear WebsterX songs being blasted through radios around the country via Slingshot, NPR’s new spotlight on emerging musicians. The rapper recently spoke with our partner 88Nine about expanding his reach beyond Milwaukee. Find an excerpt from that conversation here and the full interview on

What does the Slingshot program mean to you?

My dad would always play me NPR on the way to high school every morning. My ear was trained for NPR. It was cool to see it come full circle. And it’s cool that NPR is trying to be a little less white, really trying to accept black music, especially rap music.

Your album Daymares sounds like an evolution in your sound. How do you think your music is changing?

When I first started out, it was as simple as wanting to rap over music. I hit up SoundCloud producers and I’d have them email beats. For Daymares, I really understood that I like to work in person with producers. You’re never going to come up with something completely new, but you can have a new take on something that’s old. You work with a lot of other artists.

Who would be your dream collaborator?

I really want to work with this LA producer [and founder of the label Timetable] Nosaj Thing. He produced a song for Kid Cudi called “Man on the Moon,” and he also produced “Paranoia” for Chance the Rapper.

How do you describe the Milwaukee music scene to outsiders?

We’re trying to do as much as we can with what we got. I tell people it’s exciting because it is exciting. Especially in the hip-hop world. It’s so dope. We have a lot of great talent. Every single city on planet Earth has at least one or two talented people. Milwaukee happens to have like 15 or 20.

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