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Twenty minutes with Thon Maker, the Milwaukee Bucks’ new 7’ 1” center.

You were born in what is now South Sudan, but you’ve lived all over the world. What do you consider your home country?

I would say Australia, because I lived there for seven years straight, and my family has
lived there now for 12 years. But South Sudan will always be my first home.

You have brothers and sisters who are athletes, and we all know there’s nothing more heated than a sibling rivalry.

For some reason, people in my culture are very competitive. They’re good people, but there’s always going be a certain level of competition. When we’re playing against each other, we’re going to be attacking and talking smack. Even when we’re off the court, we’ll be doing something fun like playing cards or video games and that competition is going to come out again.

The season starts Oct. 26 and the Bucks are said to have a promising year ahead of them. What are some of your own expectations?

We’re a young team and improving enormously, and people are going to see it this year. I expect us to make the playoffs, and we’re going to make a big impact. We’re going to compete, and we’re going to have fun doing it. We’re excited. Personally, I’m probably too excited.

Let’s play word association! 

Cheese Curds

Somebody was telling me about them, but I haven’t had them yet. I know you all love cheese here.

Aaron Rodgers

I’m new to football, but I want to announce that I will be a Packers fan now. Every time I see him play, I always think of the State Farm commercial with the “discount double check” [gestures].

Racing Sausages 

Is it a race? To eat sausages? [Laughing] Maybe a race of people in sausage costumes or sausage cars?

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